Working for Council

At Stratford District Council, we know having a strong culture is integral to the success of our mission, and we look to employ those who demonstrate our vision and our values.
We support a culture of innovation by examining alternatives, challenging the obvious and having a flexible attitude.  We are dedicated to having commitment and respect for each other, our business and our customers.  
We take pride in creating a consistent customer service standard across all Council business, regardless of whether our customer is borrowing a book, going to the pool or lodging a building consent.
Team work is important at Council, and we enjoy networking with our colleagues.  This ensures we make real connections, which allows us to overcome challenges together and deliver outstanding results for the community. We are a small team, working closely together, and giving staff a variety in the types of projects they get involved in.
We are passionate about making the Stratford District a progressive and prosperous district and we come to work knowing our ideas and work will help shape the future of our community.  Most of our staff choose to work for Council over other employers because they feel they can make a difference to their community, which is valued in our organisation.
Working for Stratford District Council combines the benefits of living in a small, rural area, by offering a work environment that enhances work/life balance.
Council encourages personal development as well as upskilling through training and mentorship.  There are opportunities for our employees to broaden their expertise by working in different departments across Council.
Council is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in the recruitment, employment, training and promotion of its employees.
Employee Benefits
  • We look for opportunities to be flexible and support our working parents
  • We have benefits in place for long serving staff who reach their long service milestones.
  • Our employees have access to the Southern Cross Health insurance employment package
  • We offer annual flu vaccinations for all our staff.
  • Childcare discount through Porse
  • We pay the employers Kiwisaver contribution on top of your pay packet